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The e-commerce.

Migrate my Online store to Local computer


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Hi Sir


Can I copy my Online store to my local computer,


I have installed the wamp software (includes Apachi, MySql & php support)


I downloaded the orignal OsCommerce & installed it locally, it is working fine.


However my company has an online shop. Is it possible to run it locally ?


The purpose is make the changes locally & if change is successful, then upload it to the server. Because we are looking for design change... etc


Using a FTP Client, I downloaded the whole site files, copy it to Wamp www directory & tried to change configuration files, but local site is still giving errors. Probabbly I didn't copy the database structure.


Can anyone guide me to right direction please ?


for reference i m posting the error here.

1146 - Table 'imate-shop.configuration' doesn't exist

select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from configuration


Thanks and Regards

Yasir Imran Mirza

My Contributions

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You are correct - looks like you need to copy the database as well as there are non standard fields.


I did this in reverse recently (went from local to online). Use phpmyadmin to backup your database from your online stop and then use it to restore it to the database on your local computer.

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Be sure to check to see if your online store and your local one are using the same versions of PHP and MySQL. Try get them both as close you can to being the same as then it eliminates one potential problem.


I also make a copy of the configure.php files (both of them) and have configure.php, configure-local.php and configure-web.php so I do not loose those file settings and database settings.

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