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Tools > File Manager not saving changes


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If anyone can help with this I'd be very grateful!


My client wants to be able to edit shipping.php, conditions.php etc through File Manager... but whilst it doesn't throw up any errors/warnings, and I've checked the files in includes/languages/english/ are writeable, and file_manager.php is writeable (does it need to be?) if you make any changes they save, but then aren't on the live site, or in the file when you go back to it.


I know file manager isn't the best way to update the pages, but my client wants to be able to do it herself and wants to do it through the site.


The one thing I do wonder about is in file manager it says:



Is it normal to have // between public_html and includes? Or should there only be one? In which case, which line is wrong in admin/includes/configure.php or includes/configure.php?


If anyone's got any ideas they'd be much appreciated!



Lisa x

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It is recommended that the built-in file manager not be used. Use your host's provided file manager.

Absolutely correct.


What would the client be changing on line if the task of ftping the files to be changed to the computer is beyond them?


Maybe condider installing Extra pages-info box w admin addon for them to use.

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Ok thanks - if I can't work it out I'll have to tell them they can't do it.


I know ftp-ing is all very simple to us/people who are used to it, but I'm reminded frequently that not everyone is very computer literate, and so logging in and typing some changes like writing an email is fine, but ftp-ing, including installing a ftp client and a text editor (and then remembering where they saved the files, and remembering to put things back in the right directory...) isn't everyone's cup of tea.


Thanks anyway,


Lisa x

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