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Can quantity and special discounts be combined


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I have an OSC site running where I sell seating registration for my seminars. I would like to be able to combine quantity discounts with an early registration discount. For example, my normal seating registration price is $149 each, but discounted to $119 each for 5 or more being registered at a time. There's an additional discount to $99 each for 5 or more at least 14 days in advance. I can put in the proper quantity price discount, but can't get the special price discount to combine with it.


I've worked around this for a while by offering two separate products for each city. There's a standard product for 1 to 4 seats at $149 which is discounted to $119 more than 14 days in advance as a special. And each city also has a +5 team product rate of $119 which is discounted to $99 more than 14 days in advance by a special. This sort of works, but there's no way for me to set an inventory number to put a cap on the total number of seats available. For instance, I would like to set a max of 60 seats within seating inventory for each city, but using my current method there's no way to control that since I have two separate products (1 to 4 at $149 and 5+ at $119) which don't pull from a single product inventory counter.


So is there a way to either combine two inventory items into a single counter, or perhaps a way to combine the specials and quantity discounts as described?


Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.



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In retrospect, what I really want to do is the following:


So is there a way to combine multiple products within a category into a single inventory counter?


That would allow both the standard and team products to pull from the same inventory of 60 seats within each category (or city, in my instance).


JMS :-"

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