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The e-commerce.

Downloadable Products


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I'm going to create my own Templates and Script shop, like TemplatesMonster.com and SoftBiz.com



I going to use osCommerce, but i dont know how to configure the products to sell the download.

Can anyone helps me, how can i configurate the products???


And i have 3 more question.. =)


1. Can i put a free product?


2. Can I cancel the shipping system? (On registration the shipping and billing are not required)


3. How does the downloadable products works?

After the member pays the product...... what happening?


Please help me, and if its possible step-by-step =P



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1. Read "To help those with download problems" thread in the "tips and tricks" section of this forum.

2. Shipping - if you have your download products set up correctly, when a user orders only downloadable products, the shopping cart skips the shipping pages.

3. what happens after the user pays, in my case, is that the user is automatically sent back (from paypal) to my site, where the links to the products are visible. Or, you can direct users to "my account" and their links will also be visible.

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I try to use Super Downloads but i dont know how to configure, and how to administrate it..

So i just want to know if i can do this:

After the member pays the product, the order set Delivered automatic and then the member can download the product.


How can i configure it?

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Yes it is possible.

You need to configure things proper.



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Well, I don't use super downloads - I am sure it is a good contribution, but I am using (modified) the latest build and never got around to installing it.If you use paypal, in "Website Payment Preferences" you can control the page on your site that you want your buyer to be returned to, after purchase. In my case, the user is returned to checkout_success, and the link to the download is activated. It sounds like you might want to install your website on a local server, using xampp or similar and get a feel for how this all works together.

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One thing, if you are having these kind of problems now, if someone purchases a template and then has a problem with it, how are you going to help them sort out their problem and how are you going to be able to guarantee that the templates work in the first place?


Not dissing your project, I'm just wondering.


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