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duplicating store problems


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I've duplicated my store before (to test mods out etc.) but I'm obviously overlooking something simple this time! :blush: Just need a fresh bit of input please :)


My original database is called osc1

I've created another database and called it osc3 and filled it with the contents of osc1 (using the same username and password).


I've copied all the files from the original store (mystore.com/store), and loaded them into a separate folder on my webspace (mystore/specials).


In mystore/com/specials/admin/includes/configure.php I've changed all references to the 1st store to the new store (store - specials and osc1 - osc2). I've also done the same exercise to - In mystore/com/specials/includes/configure.php


In admin, everything is fine :), I can edit the data base, and everything relates to the 'specials' store, however something is amiss with the public side, as the URL in the address bar says In mystore/com/specials/index.php :) However the products shown are from the 1st store (I've changed some via admin to identify which database is being displayed), plus all the links go to the first store :( ?


Obviously I've missed something basic, but what? :blush:


Thanks in advance for any help and guidance please :)



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In both "inlcudes" folders (catalog and admin) there is a folder named "local".


See if there is a configure.php file in each "local" folder.


If one is there, be sure it contains the correct information.


osC will use info from it if it's there.

If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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Thanks for the helping hand.


On my install, there is no configure.php in mystore/admin/local/ however I did find one in mystore/includes/local/ which had the wrong information, so made good.


However..... it was still not working correctly :( After doing some more searching, I found the problem in the .htaccess file. Now working correctly :)



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