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Newbie: Developement Options (Windows / Unix)


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Hey there. Hope this question isn't too dumb.


I just downloaded the demo. I personally run windows, but my ISP hosts my site on Unix. Will I be able to develop the site on my windows box and upload to the Unix box and have it work? Probably not, but just wanted to see.



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Yes, no problem. Just make sure you upload your php and sql scripts in ASCII mode (your FTP program will have a setting).

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absolutely... I personally am developing my site and testing it on my windows install (IIS server) and will have it hosted on a Unix or Linux box...


only thing is that not all (but most) testing can be done from on an IIS server, as there are certain parts of OSC (well more like PHP) that do not like IIS server... main ones I have found thus far are that the cache does not work properly on IIS, having only one top level category creates a stack overflow on IIS and mySQL server for windows, and search engine safe URLs do not work at all (no need to turn them on for development though... or for a live shop since most seach spiders will now parse pages with ? in them)... these are really not big issues at all for development though.

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