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Snapshot 20021022

Hum...tried to install nonmember.tar.gz

it did not work so i reinstall the backup and now 2 things

1- When i try to create an account , i get this

1054 - Unknown column 'customers_membership' in 'field list'

insert into customers (customers_firstname, customers_lastname, customers_email_address, customers_telephone, customers_fax, customers_newsletter, customers_membership, customers_default_address_id, customers_gender) values ('Pierre', '******', 'pierre@thebear.qc.ca', '***-***-****', '', '1', '1', '1', 'm')



2- the column-right mysteriously re-appear in my loggin page.



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I had a somewhat closely related problem. I was getting the same error, but just in a different table. I fixed it by backing up the data values in the sql databse, and then I ran the new snapshot .sql query script. The tables used in the newer snapshots often are different then those in older versions.


Assuming that you no longer have the capability to just do a data backup, just go into the .sql backup, and delete all the *create* functions that create new tables. Run the newer snpahot release of the .sql creation query, and then run the .sql query that will fill in your old data.


I know this is kind of confusing, but if you have any questions just let me know.. I hope this helps,


Chris Sullivan

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