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The e-commerce.

just installed, admin not using stylesheet


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I just downloaded OSC and installed on a linux server. I haven't changed anything, and when I go to the admin section it's not using the stylesheet.

I guess I've never used a linux server, because I didn't realize that you had to use ssh to change file permissions. I had to use ssh to change the permissions of configure.php and get rid of the error message. Didn't change anything else.

Also, I noticed that the english icon in the languages box is broken. I re-uploaded it in binary mode, and it's still broken.

Can anyone tell me what might be going on?

Thank you

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oops, I just went over the doc that came with OSC, and saw this section:

"Stylesheet: All images are broken

If a page shows everything right except the graphics and formatting are missing then go

to that page and change the link of your stylesheet in whatever file is not displaying


<LINK href="../oscommerce/catalog/catalog/stylesheet.css" type=text/css


All you have to do is find that line in and correct the path to point to your actual


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css">"


First, why would one have to do this? Could someone please explain why this would have to be done? Is it that the relative URL doesn't work on all server configurations?


I don't think this applies in my situation, though. I changed the stylesheet code in my admin's index.php to the exact URL and it's still not working......

Plus, not all images are broken. The style is working fine on the catalog side, and the product images are displaying. Just not the buttons.

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Can no one help?

I just wiped out the database, deleted all the files and reinstalled. The exact same thing happened. The admin section isn't using the stylesheet. I edited the admin's index.php with the absolute URL to the stylesheet and it still didn't work.

The buttons in the catalog side aren't displaying.

I followed the install instructions in the docs exactly, setting permissions accordingly.

What am I missing? Is there something else I need to do where it's on a linux server?

Please help.

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I've never seen this line in a shop: <LINK href="../oscommerce/catalog/catalog/stylesheet.css, but if yours has it, it might be due to how it was installed. Try using the following line instead:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="includes/stylesheet.css">



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