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Problem with contrib Manual Entry order V0.2


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Fatal error: Failed opening required 'includes/languages/english/FILENAME_LOGIN_ADMIN' (include_path='') in C:Inetpubwwwrootlogin_admin.php on line 96


What is the exact line I have to remove? Thanks!

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It looks like you are missing a define in includes/application_top.php where you actually define the file name you are looking for.


You don't need to remove something, you need to read the instructions again and add a line.

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do not delete anything


when you see a message like this , it means the file name was not declared in the application_top.php



you need to make sure to add the content of the file application_top.php_ADD

to your file





(look in the contribution to see file)



you need to add lines in the catalog and admin side



the files are in the respective directories when unzipping files




in your case , you need to make sure you added the lines below in




read carefully the install instructions





/* Modif Module SPG_Shipping

Author: P&G

Added new files



// define new files for P&G shipping modules

define('FILENAME_SHIPPING_PROCESS', 'spg_shipping.php');

define('FILENAME_AUTHORISE_ADMIN', 'spg_authorise_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_CARRIER_ADMIN', 'spg_carrier_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_PAYMENT_ADMIN', 'spg_payment_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_ORDER_TYPE_ADMIN', 'spg_order_type_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_AUCTION_ADMIN', 'spg_auction_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_CONTACTS_INFOS', 'spg_contacts_infos.php');

define('FILENAME_CONTACTS_EMAILS', 'spg_contacts_emails.php');

define('FILENAME_MANUAL_ENTRY', 'spg_manual_info.php');

define('FILENAME_LOGIN_ADMIN', 'login_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_LOGIN_CREATE', 'login_create.php');

define('FILENAME_SPG_SHIPPING', 'spg_shipping.php');

define('FILENAME_SPG_PRINT_INVOICE', 'spg_print_invoice.php');

define('FILENAME_SPG_PRINT_PACKING', 'spg_print_packing.php');

define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN', 'create_account_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN_PROCESS', 'create_account_admin_process.php');

define('FILENAME_POPUP_HELP', 'popup_help.php');

define('FILENAME_POPUP_HELP_ADMIN', 'popup_help_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_STATS_ORDERS_CONVERSION', 'stats_orders_conversion.php');

define('FILENAME_PRODUCTS_NEW_ATTRIBUTES', 'products_new_attributes.php');

define('FILENAME_PRODUCTS_NEW_ATTRIBUTES_UPDATE', 'products_new_attributes_update.php');

define('FILENAME_SPG_ORDER_STATUS_ADMIN', 'spg_order_status_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_SHIPPING_BACKORDERS', 'spg_report_backorders.php');



// define new tables for P&G shipping modules

define('TABLE_ORDERS_SHIPPING', 'spg_orders_shipping');

define('TABLE_SPG_CARRIERS', 'spg_carriers');

define('TABLE_SPG_ORDERS_SHIPPING', 'spg_orders_shipping');

define('TABLE_SPG_PRODUCTS_SHIPPING', 'spg_products_shipping');

define('TABLE_SPG_AUTHORISE', 'spg_authorise');

define('TABLE_SPG_PAYMENT', 'spg_payment_type');

define('TABLE_SPG_ORDER_TYPE', 'spg_order_type');

define('TABLE_SPG_AUCTION_TYPE', 'spg_auction_type');

define('TABLE_SPG_CONTACTS_INFOS', 'spg_contacts_info');

define('TABLE_SPG_CONTACTS_EMAILS', 'spg_contacts_email');

define('TABLE_SPG_MANUAL_INFO', 'spg_man_info');

define('TABLE_CREATE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL', 'create_account_email');

define('TABLE_SPG_ORDER_STATUS', 'spg_order_status');

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I believe you need to define it in catalog/include/application_top.php as well, hope it works.




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