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get-send shipping numbers: starting new project


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Hi All,

This is an invitation to discuss the implementation of code for the following process. Currently Visual Basic gets the vendor's product list daily and posts it to www.shopdango.com, about 7,500 items. Then we manually input about 50 orders per day. What's needed is XML to return to the vendor after each order has been placed (or the batch of orders), get the order-tracking / shipping number, and in osCommerce, create an email to the customer, put the tracking number in the Comments and post the email.


If you know of any re-usable code that could be adapted, any XML functions or libraries, or insights into this project, I would be grateful to hear from you. Here is a first draft of the pseudocode.


pseudocode to get vendor tracking numbers:

run the following manually after placing orders.


in osC

identify the orders whose tracking numbers we need

keep this as List A


using XML or VB

connect to vendor

locate the orders just placed

get their tracking numbers

keep this as List B


in osC

for each item in List A

create an email to the customer

place the supplier tracking number from List B in the Comments field

send the email to the customer


Thanks for your replies!


Pete Schulte

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