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Inventory by Product Attributes - pretty please?!?!?!

The Grinch

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I've done a bit of searching on this forum and found that a few, not a lot, but a few have requested the ability to track inventory based on product attributes. For example, if I have 60 watt lightbulbs in red, white, green, blue and yellow, I need to be able to track inventory for each colour. The white ones will obviously sell the quickest. They are the same bulb, just different colours. It doesn't make sense to add each 60 watt light bulb colour as an individual item, just so I can accurately display In or Out of Stock. That's too many light bulbs and a waste of screen space for the end user.


There doesn't seem to be any easy solutions on my end, so I'm hoping that this is something that might be squeezed into a future release.


Thanks for reading.

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Any status update on this? I'm building a shop for a client where they sell spots at certain events. They have a total overall # of people they can bring, but there are 3 groups per event, expert, experienced, and novice, ideally, the spots are divided evenly but not always. I have been searchin for weeks now for a way to add a quantity for group, which are attributes of each product. I think it would be inefficient to have to add a new product per group for the same event when the prices are exactly the same for everyone. What be totally awesome is that if the quantity for a group reached 0, then the attribute would change to something else, I.E Group A - Waitinglist instead .


I will keep looking into it myself, and see what I can come up with.


I have an idea of what needs to be looked at though:


DB changes for:





Code changes for :

Admin products attributes page

catalog products info



I guess this is a start and any extra help would be appreciated. I've managed to figure out and add a few modifications of my own to the site without any help, but I have a feeling this fish might be a little big for me to haul in alone.



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