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The e-commerce.

Please help with layout


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Please help me center my home page! Ok, ok, so it's not oscommerce, but it does link to my oscommerce site, and I want them to flow togeather.

So can someone help my anyway?

This is my homepage, I've tried changing the positions to center, but it doesn't center them, it just makes other changes, keeping them to the left.

Visit My Website




<META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="The Print Shop Deluxe 22">



<BODY BGCOLOR="#DEBE9E" LINK="#996633" VLINK="#996633" ALINK="#996633" BACKGROUND="img00000.jpg">

<DIV STYLE="position:absolute; left:2px; top:60px; ">

<IMG SRC="img00001.gif" WIDTH="767" HEIGHT="503" BORDER="0">


<DIV STYLE="position:absolute; left:349px; top:76px; ">

<IMG SRC="img00002.gif" WIDTH="406" HEIGHT="475" BORDER="0">


<DIV STYLE="position:absolute; left:349px; top:73px; ">

<IMG SRC="img00003.jpg" WIDTH="406" HEIGHT="477" BORDER="0">


<DIV STYLE="position:absolute; left:349px; top:73px; ">

<IMG SRC="img00004.gif" WIDTH="406" HEIGHT="130" BORDER="0">


<DIV STYLE="position:absolute; left:457px; top:144px; ">

<IMG SRC="img00005.gif" WIDTH="193" HEIGHT="40" BORDER="0">


<DIV STYLE="position:absolute; left:14px; top:75px; ">

<IMG SRC="img00006.jpg" WIDTH="321" HEIGHT="475" BORDER="0">


<SPAN STYLE="position:absolute; left:654px; top:521px; width:101px; font-family:Commercial-Script; font-weight:normal; text-align:center; font-size:24px; color:#996633;">

<SPAN STYLE="font-family:Commercial-Script; font-weight:normal; text-align:center; font-size:24px; color:#996633;">

<A HREF="http://jennifersbridal.ca/boutique//catalog/">




<DIV STYLE="position:absolute; left:385px; top:219px; ">

<IMG SRC="img00008.jpg" WIDTH="334" HEIGHT="222" BORDER="0">




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