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Upgraded, Forced to Recreate Admin & Now PW Fails


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I knew I would be visiting here today but I thought it would be for reading up on tips and tricks for customizing our css and template - we finally have a launch date for our site! But....


In a nutshell I have a big problem -


I installed the most recent version of osCommerce available in Nov 2007. Today I logged into Fantastico and a message said I had to upgrade (I beleive to 2.2 - I can't log in for specifics at the moment). I did the upgrade. The front end is fine, the back end isn't. When I tried to log into the admin panel I got a message saying that there were not any administrators in the database and one needed to be created. I entered a User Name and Password (the same that we originally had). The next screen was a normal log in screen. When I tried to log in it said that I was using invalid credentials. I tried a zillion different typo's, with and without caps - every which way possible and simply cannot log in. I called my webhost, all they could do was verify that I was using the correct User Name, they cannot see the password. They also tried to log in with my info and could not.


If anyone can render any advise I would surely appreciate it!!

Thanks so much,




(the info below here is just add'l detail for those that like to read...).


My first clue of a problem probably should have been this message, just kidding. I know it's a standard message, but even after calling my webhost, I can't do anything with this message. They couldn't tell me how to truly un-do this without harming myself in the long run (ie, possibly not being able to update the program later, or having one part using the new version and one using an old version). Their solution was to reinstall since I haven't added any products yet. >_<

Initializing Parameters - Done.

Generating MySQL Backup - Done.

Generating Files Backup - Done.

Copying New Files - Done.


Upgrade completed


Your installation of OS Commerce was upgraded.

You can view it here: http://scrapbooksuppliesdirect.com/shop/



Please save following information. You will need it in order to restore if something went wrong


If you don't have SSH access, ask support to help you:

- Remove the directory /home/scrapcha/public_html/scrapbooksuppliesdirect/shop

- Untar /home/scrapcha/fantastico_backups/shop.backup.1205434710.tgz

- Empty the database scrapcha_osc1

- Import the file /home/scrapcha/fantastico_backups/shop/backup.sql into the database scrapcha_osc1

- Move /home/scrapcha/fantastico_backups/shop to /home/scrapcha/public_html/scrapbooksuppliesdirect/shop


I don't know how to do any of this stuff (above)!!

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