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How can I Delete Creditcard Numbers


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I had an OSCommerce site for an event a couple months ago. The event is over and I would like to delete the creditcard numbers from my database. My host has PhPmyAdmin but I can not figure out how to delete the values in the CC_Numbers field and leave everything else intact. I can edit each entry manually but don't really want to do this for a couple hundred order.


I suppose I could download (export) the database then upload (import) after editting it. Would this work? It seems there should be a better way to do it.


What would be ideal is if I had an SQL script that would delete the credit card numbers associated with orders more than 90 days old. Would there be a problem if the same customer and number was used on multiple orders?




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UPDATE `orders` SET cc_number = '' WHERE  date_purchased <= DATE_SUB(now(), INTERVAL 90 DAYS);


(untested - backup before using - just incase!)


Note: Unless you are PCI DSS compliant it will be in breach of the Visa / Mastercard rules to store credit card details in any form and leave yourself liable to huge fines

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