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The e-commerce.

Can osCommerce do this?


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I am looking to develop a shop that allows content providers to sell their work through a kind of marketplace setup. I've looked through osCommerce and Zencart docs and contribs and haven't found anything specifically built for what I envision, so I wonder if someone could let me know if this idea is feasible and what might be involved... there are a few major components:


1) the ability to specify individual user accounts as content owners for specific items sold in the shop.

2) wholesale prices for content owners, again tied between specific user accounts and items. (I've seen wholesale systems but they seem to involve setting a discount on ALL items, not specific ones.)

3) automatic credit deposited in the account of content owners when their associated products sell... perhaps delayed a week to account for returns or other such things.

4) automatic pay-outs to content owners with a store credit balance over $x.

5) multi-vendor shipping in this mix. (I know MVS is possible, just making sure its on the radar here.)


Essentially I would like for content owners to be able to log in, hit a control panel, and send themselves a payment via paypal whenever they want to cash out...


So, can osCommerce do anything like this? :blink:

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So, can osCommerce do anything like this?


Simple answer is "No". I do know a few companies that does this - they're called eBay and Amazon.


I've lost count of the number of peope who have come up with the same idea you've had and posted here hoping that someone has releaased a free contribution that will do all that. It is possible to code it, but it would cost several thousands of dollars to get the work done.



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