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Adding a second manufacturer


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If I add a second manufacturer (manufacturers2_id) to the products table, how would I get the second manufacturer to display in index.php?



I sell coffee and want to sort it by region but the coffee in blends is usually from more than one region so I want it to display on both the lists.

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The question is, how would you add a second manufacturer to a product?

The products table takes the manufacturer as manufacturer_id, so you would have to create a third manufacturer that would represent both.

Such as if one product was - 'product' and had two manufacturers - 'man1' and 'man2' then create a new maufacturer as 'man1-man2'. Associate this created manufacturer with the product on the products attribute page then do a str_search() '-' on the returned manufacterer name. Separate the two, then another db query would return the manufacturer_id for each..


Or manually create an array that would associate the products with different manufacterers:

array('product_id' => 'manufacterer_id', 'manufacterer_id'));


Either way you would have to edit the index file to display in html..


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