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After browsing the forums for quite some time I think I may have an idea that could help with some of the confusion that seems to happen at the check out. The confusion seems to be mainly with the taxes, the subtotal and the way it is displayed. I personally don't have the tax confusion (no sales tax in Oregon) but, I do have various discounts and the gift vouchers and I get confused as to how they were applied (I'm sure my customers get baffled too because they often ask). In the end the total is correct but, some additional information would be helpful.


Since Ian's credit class and order total are going to be integrated into the core OSC, my proposal is to add at least one additional subtotal. What I would like to see is a "merchandise subtotal". This subtotal would be the total of all merchandise ordered (with or without the tax included, set in the admin instead of applic._top). After that subtotal the various discounts would be subtracted or the taxes added or both depending on how your store is set up, then the second subtotal or maybe your requirements are to have have the taxes on the 1st subtotal and then the discounts would apply. Next would be the shipping charges and any applicable taxes on them and finally the grand total or other combinations. I have a couple of examples below.


I would also like to see discounts with a '-' in front or '< >' around them to indicate to the customer that they are subtractions.



Example #1:


Purchase: 1 widget @5.95 (tax not inc)

2 laces @ .99 (tax not inc)


Merchandise Subtotal : 7.93

Taxes @ 6%: .48


subtotal: 8.41

coupon:.50off any purchase <.50>

shipping charge: 3.95


Grand total: 11.86



Example #2


Purchase: 1 widget @6.78 (14% tax inc)

2 laces @ 1.13 (14% tax inc)


Merchandise Subtotal : 9.04

shipping charge: 3.95

taxes: 1.82


subtotal: 14.81

Gift Voucher: <10.00>


Grand Total: 4.81




Example #3


Purchase: 1 widget @5.95 (tax not inc)

2 laces @ .99 (tax not inc)


Merchandise subtotal: 7.93

Members discount, 10% <.79>


subtotal: 7.14

coupon 15%off purch. <1.07>

shipping charge: 3.95


Grand Total 10.02



I know it is possible. The questions are: Is it like to happen? Is it seen as needed by others? Would having a second subtotal and indications of the subtractions be useful in your shop?

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The merchandise sub-total you mention is already there as the sub-total module. You could just change the language file to make it show 'merchandise total'


The other suggestions you amke are perfectly possible using oder_total modules, and I do in fact plan on adding something similar to my credit class code. Trouble is the possibilities & requirements of users are endless. We have the dev team to thank that the order_total module is designed in such a way as to make this possible.


However I would not think this should be in core cvs. As I said everyone wants something different. Having order total modules for all those permutations would confuse.


As for the - signs I'll certainly look at adding this as an option to my contributions.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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