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Good evening! I am building a site for someone using osCommerce (not sure what version, it says copyright 2003, and it's whatever version globat.com offers) and my client has some interesting requests.


First of all, she is selling jewelery, custom made. So she wants someone to be able to select, for example, a bracelet and in it choose attributes such as 'length' and 'color'. I know osCommerce can do this, but another thing she wants is for a product attribute to update the price. So if a customer selects a specific bracelet with X length and Y color, the price stays the same until they select 'Sterling Silver' instead of just 'Silver', then the price goes up. Is there a way for an 'attribute' to update the price of a product? Also, since they have a limited number of stones is there a way to set a product Attribute's quantity? Because product A may have the same gem as product B, and if I have 25 of product 'A' and 25 of product 'B' but only 40 gems, that means I might accidentally sell 10 products when I'm out of the products gem. Does that make sense?


Anyway, I'm hoping someone has an idea.



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Ok, I totally missed that piece, forgive me. Ignore the first part. I guess the only problem I have now is if I have, for example, 40 Jasper stones and have "Jasper stone" as an attribute for more than one product, is there a way to tell the system to not sell any of the products with the "Jasper stone" attribute after 40 products that have the "Jasper stone" attribute have been sold? Even though I may have only sold 25 bracelets, 10 necklaces and 5 chokers (all of which have their own individual quantity) with that attribute.


I hope that makes sense.

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