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Changing the Product Listing text/font


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When you click on a product to view it's listing/information the text just doesn't look right.


I'm assuming it needs to be changed in the CSS... Am i right or way off?

Provided i'm looking in the correct loaction this is what i have:


TD.productListing-data {

font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

font-size: 10px;



What do i need to change it to?


Or am i in the wrong location all together?



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You can change that to whatever size or font style you like in the stylesheet. Just change it and upload the file to see how you like it. Of course after you have made a back up copy!!!


You can also use html coding in your individual product listings. You can customize your product info for each product that way, changing font colors, size, bullets, plus add extra images or links in there. The sky is the limit if you know how to use the codes.

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Thanks for the reply allaboutwicker!


I understand i can change the looks of the site by playing around with the stylesheet.

I'm just not sure what font family to use?


i'll try them all and see how they look.

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