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ccv2 is it legal?


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Hi everyone


Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but is CVV2 illegal to use. When I say illegal I mean that CVV2 collects users CCV numbers which i read last night is illegal for you to store?


Basically i require a credit card payment module that will allow me to collect the following:


Card Number

Expiry date

Valid from date

Issue number

And security code


Going on someones advice i installed the CVV2 module and then later read a post saying that it is illegal to collect the CCV numbers of customers so instantly uninstalled the module.


So is it possible with any payment module such authorize.net etc or can i collect this information legally or is using CCV2 ok?


Many thanks



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It's not illegal in the sense that you'll go to jail, but if your store gets hacked and your database stolen, one of two scenarios will happen:


1) If you're PCI/CISP compliant (meaning that you store credit card numbers correctly and DON'T store CVV2 numbers), Visa/MC will most likely give you a pass unless there are some mitigating circumstances.


2) Your database contained unencrypted credit card and CVV2 numbers with all of the customers' personal information, Visa/MC will come down on you like the wrath of God fining you ungodly amounts for each and every stolen card plus being barred for life from ever accepting Visa or Master Card again.


It's simply not worth the risk to save a few extra bucks a month by using a payment gateway.

Please use the forums for support! I am happy to help you here, but I am unable to offer free technical support over instant messenger or e-mail.

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