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Price Wont Display After Deleting USD [SOLUTION]


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Hi, for all those who use currencies other than USD, if you're having problems displaying the price (for instance, all your prices display as "0"), I'd like to share my experience. There's a bit of information out there, but for some the same info can work, and for others it can't, thats because the information isn't complete.


Here's what I did, after facing this problem


go to includes/languages/english.php, search for USD and change it to your currency code (for example GBP).


If this doesn't fix it, you need to change a piece of the configuration information, there's probably an easier way to do this but I did it by directly accessing the mysql database using phpMyAdmin. If you can do this go to the "configuration" table, and change the "Switch to Default Language Currency" (id 9), record to "true". If you can't find out how to access your mysql db, or find out how to change this option. Hopefully someone else can complete this thread by providing that info.


Ok, hope that helps someone.

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Admin >> Configuration >> Switch To Default Language Currency


Don't you just hate it when it is staring you in the face :-)

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