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Can someone please advice me on the best way to go .my shop is live however i want to do a complete makeover. I have a cover page that they click to enter, how do i put up a sign saying under contruction or disable them from from entering the store while i do my make over.


Thankyou :thumbsup:

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What I do and suggest if install something like EasyPHP on your PC. This will create a good Test Server.


Install osCommerce on the test server and start making changes, updates till I'm happy enpugh with it.


Then all I have to do is FTP the files from the Test Server to the Production Server, since I am running osCommerce on the production server, I rename both the includes/configure.php from the test server so I don't mess production.


Then I start testing, running test orders, hit every page, check the Admin side, fix anything that need attention and your good to go.


Always keep good backups of your site and database before making any changes or updates just in case.


Sounds like a lot of work but once you get into the swing of it, it's not bad.

Installed Contributions: CCGV, Close Popup, Dynamic Meta Tags, Easy Populate, Froogle Data Feeder, Google Position, Infobox Header Entire Row, Live Support for OSC, PayPal Seal with CC images, Report_m Sales, Shop by Price Revised, SQL Updater, Who's Online Enhancement, Footer, GNA EP Assistant and still going.

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Thanks very much for that but im not that handy with all this. you lost me after the first line....lol I didnt do the site someone had for me now im needing to make changes so i thought if i could put the first page on hold some how i could make a few cosmetic changes as thats the little knowledge i have at this time. I appreciate your help though . :-"

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