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The e-commerce.

I made a boo boo


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I'm new here and new to OScommerce. I've been searching for troubleshooting and related topics to help, so forgive me in advance should this matter have been resolved on another topic and I couldn't find it.


I was uploading files to add a promo/coupon code, and now I have 2 problems:


1) When I login to my admin, it takes me here:


Clicking on the links and takes me to a blank page.


2) When I go to the website I get "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error" - which is most likely due to problem 1.


From what I've been reading it is most likely an issue with index.php, and I've found some posts regarding the english folder as well.


One thing I'd like to note is, I did make a backup before making the adjustments, but I just can't get to the backup section of OSCommerce.


I also use SmartFTP to manage the files and I can't seem to find the issue.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I suspect you have uploaded a file for this pro contribution which overwrote a file that had already been changed to make another contribution work.


The back up you can make from the admin area is for data only not the code.


Can you undo the changes you made?

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1) When I login to my admin, it takes me here:

which is most likely due to problem 1


That is the standard default osC MS2.2 screen .. why is it a problem .. what version have you actually installed (I'm thinking you were expecting an RC1/2/2a admin login)

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