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Stock Option Problem for Product available Sizes


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Here is the thing, before I can open my website http://www.zonetown.com (65% done), I need a solution on how to solve a Available Stock Problem. I sell shoes/apparel. Each apparel has several different sizes.


Is there a module where I can list one product description and there is a drop down menu displaying all available sizes we have in stock for that item without needing to make a same product description for each size?


Thank You for any Help...


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Hi there, as zonetown desribed before, it's an essential feature for me too. I'm just tyring to use the oscommerce shop for organized "selling" of bikeshirt, we ordered in for our fitness studio member. Right now, a lot of shirts are gone and we have some sizes left (e..g xxs for the girls :wink: ). Trying to handle left shirts in stock and new orders to come.


Waiting for this feature to come... maybe from Linda :thumbsup: (http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/viewtopic.php...&highlight=size) ...

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working on it ... and next you will want the discounts to know that a product can have multiple attributes but the discounts extend to all of them ... :?


Oh heck ... that too is on the list of things to do ... some one figured out they needed that feature too.


Plus let's mix in the minimum units and minimum quantity per product, but allow those red, orange, yellow and green options ... or those small, med, large options ...


But only do this when it's a small red shirt not the medium green shirts ...


Sure ... this is an easy one ... :roll:


If I want to have any more fun I think I'd have to shoot myself in the foot ... :shock:

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uuuuhhh Linda, I know you are working hard on solutions for this shop. I think this feature is some kind of essential because alternative would be to create 10 products of the same type, e.g. bikeshirt xs, bikeshirt s, bik....


Give your best - as we all do. THANX for your ideas and you hard work



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just to say. I'm longing for this feature (as simply done as possible), too.

Just let us know, please, if someone has the solution.


For some, QTpro might be the answer. (Just do a search in the forum.)



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is there now a fix for this now? I see no posts after 2003...I sell shoes so popluating is a night mare with sizes 5 thru 12 in half size increments and each in narrow, medium and wide widths and then choice of color and leather....seems my only choice is to add each shoe variable as a separate item.



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