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The e-commerce.

New store ready to go live.


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This is store is just about to go live. Please let me know what you think. There are about 25,000 products loaded. I hope it's not too slow. I can't tell any difference between this store and our other store with 500 products at least.


The logo backgrounds don't quite match the site background and the store logo is a little blurry. They will be redone shortly. Other than that it should be good to go. Google Checkout and Authorize.net both work A-OK. The shared SSL also seems to be working just fine but I think we're going to go for a private one within a few weeks just to get the URLs to look pretty.


Our other store is located here for reference: http://www.kwdhome.com

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Yeah, that URL looks damn awful.


Why the bright. flouro yellow? Isn't the whole point of paintball to be hidden?


Solar powered gadgets at down to earth prices.



Promoting British Design

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I'll have to agree with digilee. That yellow hurt my eyes! I tried to look around a bit, but I gave up with a headache. Everything else seemed to be stock OsCommerce.

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Thanks for the feedback! The yellow has been toned down two notches. FFFF00 to FFFF66 It looked great on our monitors here, but what the customer thinks is much more important.

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The only things that jumped out at me were:


Categories List:


Bed & Bath

Bathroom Scales

Clothes Irons



You could center your shop at 800 px wide. On wiiiiiiiiide screens, like mine, "it's a long way to Tipperary" to mouse from left to right.


On Product Info Page, align your image right (which will pull up the description text) and you can allow the full-size image to show then and there, without the click to enlarge.


It's all just ones and zeros....

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your logo doesn't look very proffesional, you shout spend a few hours on photoshop, the layout could also be better, also the color yellow isn't very pleasing to the eye.

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I agree about the yellow.. if you want to use yellow use some other colors with it..

to tone it down..

but other wise I like it..

I know it is standard and people will comment but the main thing is you didn't keep the standard colors.. just use a different color to tone down yellow.


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you using dropshipping? products looks very similar to other small dropshipping websites.


Yes, this is a store we are currently using drop shipping with. Right now it has 23,500 products on it. After we get some easy populate bugs worked out and finish cleaning up the look of the store we are going to add another 7000 products and start advertising. So far it's been a bear to work with that many products. It's nearly too much to run on our dual xeon server running xampp. We're not too sure on the name of it right now, so we haven't opted for a private SSL yet. We are just using a shared SSL right now.

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