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try Ineedhits Look on its toolbar for Free and submit website use their cheapest plan $US2.99 and get listed on AOL (USA) Lycos and yahoo cheaper than direct.


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Remember that listing on search engines is not enough. This is not much helpful if your listing rank is beyond the top 50. Most people will only see the top 20 listing for a search keyword. Nobody will find you if your ranking is 5000 or even more.

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After reading this thread I thought I’d Google for googlebase, top of the list was http://base.google.com/

Then I saw my Google id in the top right of the page saying "Already use Google Base" and my Google id as a link, so I clicked it and!!

A never ending redirect followed nice 1 Google.


My Rant:


Google for what you sell but for directories, i.e. if you sell widgets, then google for widget directories, if you sell games then game directories etc. Pick the top few, they usually offer free link exchange. You might think that by advertising with the competition you would lower your sales but most people searching for a product do not click the shopping comparison sites, however getting your site linked in them is a must.


If you Google for your product do you see a directory or price comparison site, if so try to get listed there.


Unfortunately there is no fast track solution to getting listed in the top 10 (unlike the many spam mails you will get if you subscribe to the directories as above), 10 yrs ago I could get a site to position 1 on yahoo in less than 3 months, now it isn’t so easy.


Google likes links, which gives us a "catch 22" situation. My sites new so how do I generate inbound quality links


Make sure you have the ultimate seo urls contrib working properly, and also Meta tags on the fly contrib so each page has unique title, keywords and description tags or Google will penalize for duplicate tags. Also the Google sitemaps contrib works great.


Dont just create links to your site from any old site. i.e you can easily put a link from www.myoldcomputer.com to www.thebestparty.com but if myoldcomputer.com doesnt have anthing to do with parties then it won’t work as search engines see it as spam (like hidden txt worked 10 yrs ago) It's quality not quantity that count.


Look for IBP and download it to try the optimizer, it's free to try but you wont get updates, it will give you a comprehensive report on your site and competitors


Once you try these directories and IBP you will get loads of spam mail saying “guaranteed search engine listing or money back" DONT BE TEMPTED, as almost all sites ARE listed, but you need to be in the first 3 pages or so.


last thing, there is a contrib called "supertracker" it rocks for sites without many hits as it gives you such detailed stats well worth installing, with supertracker I found people adding to cart but bailing :( PayPal was the problem, many people have had a bad experience with PayPal, my sales have improved since I installed the Nochex contrib as nochex payment does not present a "sign in page", but just takes name, address and card details and the sale is done.

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Honest I've noticed craigslist help with getting links/traffic and more all depends on what you are selling. Nice Descriptive descriptions is always the best way and you will see your SERP's change soon. I'm on the first page of alot of my targeted keywords.



Urban Clothing and Kicks

Evisu Dragon


And alot more that are just crazy. My goal is by the end of the year achieve #1 position for atleast 10 Major Search Terms in my industry.



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