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Help - Getting ready to scap osC


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Although I updated everything I could find regarding MySQL 5, in my product listings the items are displaying at random.

Sometimes they display more than once, sometimes not at all even though they are entered in the Admin Panel.


I can not get the listing to sort by the Product Name, it "almost" seems as if it's trying to sort by the Item#.




I'm losing what little I have left of my mind. It's become to buggy for me to cope with and I'm seriously contemplating alternatives.


Before I jump ship, is there anyone out there that can possibly point me in the right dirrection as to what to look for to fix this glitch?



- :: Jim :: -

- My Toolbox ~ Adobe Web Bundle, XAMPP & WinMerge | Install ~ osC v2.3.3.4 -

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Looks to me like its sorting by item number - when I took he sort=3a out of your link, it sorted by name just fine - not sure what the question is ...

Even at a Mensa convention someone is the dumbest person in the room.

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Thanks for the reply.


Let me see if I can explain the problem better...




Click on - Car Model, then 1950 - 1959

The products seem to be listing fine by Product Name+ as you can see the first is 1953 Corvette Roadster.

Click on page 2 and the sort order changes to the Item# as you can see 1953 Corvette Roadster listed after 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Clicking on Product Name+ to change the sort order does not solve the issue.


I followed all the directions I found for making MySQL 5 upgrades to my files and database although I wasn't receiving error messages. It did fix the search by manufactures drop-down box problem I was having, but I am left with this uncontrollable product listing problem.


Before the host upgraded to MySQL 5 and all of my file edits, the product listing used to display just fine in order of Product Name+.

I would like to get that back again but have no clue what to look for anymore. It seems as if when I update to fix one problem another one arises.

- :: Jim :: -

- My Toolbox ~ Adobe Web Bundle, XAMPP & WinMerge | Install ~ osC v2.3.3.4 -

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