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Quantity Discount & Attributes


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If anyone has an idea of what I need to fix this - THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME!!!


Here is my issue - (recent snapshot - added Quantity Discount 5.1)


The store I am building sells items with attributes (as do many) - set the stage with a product added with say discount price given with purchase of 12 of more -


Now as a customer if i want to buy 3 blue, 4 red, 5 small and 2 x-large - the quantity discount does not give the discount since each set of attibutes is added as a separate item - if I ordered 13 blue - then the discount would apply - so what do I change or how do I set up discounts that are applicable when attributes change???? :?:

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I was afraid that would come up. :?


The idea here is the discount has to apply per attribute? Would this be a percentage discount or do you need that to be like the product discount? Or, could it be based on the percentage of the discount on the product and applied to the attribute at the same?


So If I have a $100 with a discount to $90 or a 10% discount, can that 10% be used to apply to the attribute price discount?

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Maybe this will help me explain myself a little better.


Owner sells product

Applicable attributes are variations of size and color


Owner wants to put product on sale or offer quantity discount so that instead of retail price $21.95, if customer buys 12 then new price is $13.50. Issue regarding attributes is that most customers are going to want a variation of sizes and colors - the way the product is listed now, there are attribute drop downs that let customer pick size and color but only with one quantity option - so customer must order same product several times in order to order the correct quantity with the correct size and attribute - the way it is now, the quantity discounts only apply to each product being ordered at the discounted quantity amount originally.


It would be best to offer flat rate and percentage - for this example the discount amount would be best because percentage is 38% savings and a pain to have to figure for each item


So if this was "changed" end result would be this:


Customer buys


3 small red

2 med x-large

4 large navy

8 xx-large


price would reflect $13.50 for the total of 17 items


seems that the discount would have to be applied at checkout instead of while shopping ....


who knows - hope this explanation helped and didn't make it even more confusing :?

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I have a product:


Price $49.00

1-2 3-4 5-6 7+ $39

$49 $45 $42



Red $2

Yellow $3

Green $1

Blue $4


Order 1 Red = $49 * 1 + $2

Order 3 Red= $45 * 3 + $2 * 3


The discount is on the Product Price.


The savings ordering 3 is $49-$45 = $4 off the regular price or 8.1632% off


Do you want this 8.1632% taken off the $2 * 3 for the Red one?


Or, do you now want to just skip attribute pricing totally? And only charge the $45 for the 3 items for $135?

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the attribute discount would be cool, but for this I need it only for the product price - now the quantity discount obviously does work when I simply choose the number needed and add them to my cart - but if i want to assign different attributes to my product and still order the correct number in order to receive the discount - i can't....

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similar situation occurs when using the min and unit features as well - the order may be for min order of 12 but again I want to order 3 of each color - still get my 12 required in min order, but because it is set as restriction from first entry - I can't order 12 with separate attributes.

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Unfortunately ... to make this kind of change is a totally different way of looking at the discounts.


Right now, the testing for quantity min, units and applying the discount is is done as the product is added.


If a person has to buy 12, it does not wait for you to accumulate 12 before it gives you an error and wants you to correct the order.


When the discounts are applied, it looks at the individual cart entry, not the whole cart to decide did you buy 12 of product 37 with various options.


What I need to do is consider how to re-write this so that the checking is more or less a flag to the customer on the shopping cart and a block from check out when the qty min is wrong and check the whole cart for products with attributes to see if the product itself was purchased 12 times regardless of the attribtues and then applie the discount.


Presently, the discount shows per line. I think this feature would be lost if the whole cart needs to be checked to gather the discounts based on per product vs per line.


So ... other than being a major re-write to make this happen ... it is not going to happen today ... :shock:


I am looking into an alternative method of handling the discounts, minimum qty and units because of this.

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Thanks ...


And if there are any other goofy conditions where you want to discount things like 3 Red shirts and 7 Green Shirts and 2 Blue Shirts give the 12 qty discount but only on a Thursday ... :shock:


Do let me know ... 8)

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Here's the example I'm facing.


I sell golf clubs. Here's an example of how they are priced.


If you buy an individual club, it's $30. If you buy 5 or more clubs of the same model, the individual club price is $25. These are the same model club, but different attributes ie 3 iron, 4 iron. It makes no sense having these as different "models" or products, since the description is exactly the same for all the clubs in the set with the exception of the individual club loft.


The individual clubs within the model type are differentiated by attributes.


In addition, attributes can add costs to a given club - for instance if they order a graphite shaft instead of a steel shaft, or a different grip than what comes standard, there is usually an increased cost. These would still qualify as multple clubs within the same model, so the discount would apply. In this case, they would still get a $5 reduction in the cost per club, but the cost would be higher.


In this pricing model, I'm basically lowering my labor costs as they buy more clubs within one model. It's cheaper for me to assemble 5 or more clubs of the same model in assembly-line fashion than it is to build them one at a time. I pass these savings along to the customer.


There is no way to do this in the online store today. I do it in the physical store, but the OSC store does not give me this option for Internet sales. I've been looking at your discount module as a place to start here, but it seems that it comes up short as well.



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There is no way to do this in the online store today. I do it in the physical store, but the OSC store does not give me this option for Internet sales. I've been looking at your discount module as a place to start here, but it seems that it comes up short as well.



I have searched high and low for a shopping cart program that can do that but as yet have not found one that can, if Linda can come up with a fix for that she would be truely the greatest of the great :D


We have the same problem we sell 1 widget for 3.00 each 2 widgets for 2.50 each or 3 widgets for 2.00 each but of course the customer still wants the discount even if they order 1 green widget 1 blue widget and one red widget.

Best wishes


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Luckily I don't have the problem you guys are facing:), but a solution (for the time being) would be to tell the customer to add the total amount they want, and specify different features in the comment box during checkout.


At least they won't complain about the 'wrong' price then :lol:

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We've tried using the comment box for additions to the order, but it's really not very successful. They don't know that it comes after they have completed the checkout, they don't say what we need them to say in the comment box - often not even tying their comment to a particular item they ordered on a large order - so we end up calling them and delaying their order, and then they often put things that we cannot do in that box - since they are not selecting from a predefined list.


The same would be true for a text "attribute" box. If we ever get a supported text attribute, it will need to come with validation capabilities to be really useful. Free form text is only marginally helpful for this type of problem.



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