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Slow loading of index page 5-6 seconds, fast server


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Hi Folks


I had a very slow index page on a customers catalog.


The LAMP server was blazingly fast, and this was evident when using other parts of the website or the admin.


But the index.php for the catalog/site was always dog slow. Cache set to on or off, this page only was slow.


I found that the configuration setting, for slow page logging was pointing to a non-existent location and page.


After correcting both the admin and creating the file and location, it changed to being extremely fast.


Here is where the config setting is "Quote from another post":


to set up logging/show parse time in admin->Configuration->Logging.
There is an entry there that is called: Log Destination /var/log/www/tep/page_parse_time.log. You can edit it to point to a directory you have to make yourself, preferably not tep because hackers expect it to be there, and that can be written to by the web server. Or perhaps uploading an empty text file named page_parse_time.log that is writable for the webserver is sufficient.

I found it works if I gave it "chmod 440" settings, and gave it an obscure name and location.


This post (last reply) gave the the hint to double check this setting.




Hope this helps someone.


Jonathan Galpin

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