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Hi All,


This is my first post, i've searched around for solutions but i couldn't find one. Sorry if anything about this post breaks proper etiquette.


My goal is to have a shopping cart with items (for e.g) like fabrics, chair arms, chair legs etc and you can add multiple items into a single product e.g blue chair with hight back, round arms and wheels, or green chair with low back, no arms, swivel stand and solid feet, then add the custom product to the cart. So when reviewing everything in the shopping cart you can click a product and view the items its built of and change them.


At the moment i'm feeling pretty sure i'm gonna have to write my own cart for this one, but i've always enjoyed using oscommerce in the past so if there is anyway i could use it for this i would be happy.


Thanks very much for taking the time to read this, and i'd like to say thank you to anyone reading this who has posted solutions to any problems on this board before, a community prepared to help each other for the hell of it is a beautiful thing.



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At the moment i'm feeling pretty sure i'm gonna have to write my own cart for this one


That would be fun.. There may be a contribution for such a thing, I do not know. But if you decided you would need to take care of it yourself - I do not believe it would take a new cart. You could create your own 'building page' that would retrieve and display options from the database. After user selection then add these items to the default shopping cart. To edit options in the cart - place a new button on default pages that would return the customer to the 'building page'. Then after editing - reset cart with new values..


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