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I have poured over forum for 2 months. what a wealth of info! I have 'pecked' away at shop between work and family. only the barest changes. I am a bit afraid of contribus, i know what i want but dont know which one will do what i want. i want to see the change it makes before i try it and mess up. anyhoo.. i know i need a massive photo shoot of products, but other than that i would like any crits. i promise not to get nasty if your honest, even if it hurts. i have seen this in forum before. i have more bookmnarks from here than my total bk's, including psp, which is ALOT! LOL! Though I have read 'how to' I am still unsure how to remove 'INDEX.PHP'. condern for soe dup pages. TIA! :rolleyes:


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Hi Misty. You need to remove the Specials and Reviews (they're still default), through Admin or even from the database. It looks like you're selling "Something About Mary", etc. Also, in Categories, Sachets is still showing up some default stuff.


Space out the list on your index with <br><br> or bullets. It will be much easier to read.


Also, find some new buttons that you like (and match your store) from the contribution section and simply upload/overwrite your standard buttons.


Remember to back-up first though!

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Hmm, I would put the benefits of soy wax either in the information box (link) or use the article manager contrib [http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1709] and add it there, it pushes things around on the page, or at least gives it a funny layout that doesn't appeal to me and I don't think it will appeal to many others either.

The GraphicZoo

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