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Stylesheet.CSS in admin ... appears to not be seen


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I have installed osCommerce on my development PC in my office ... all works like a charm after fixing some configure.php issues. All buttons, icons, formatting, etc. works fine. I moved it to a hosted service (Startlogic.com) and all of the catalog area works great. However, when I go to admin, I get funky text formatting without the stylesheet.css being seen.


I have combed every reference I can online ... just for grins (Yes, I know it is dangerous, but I did it to see if it would shake anything loose ... I changed all permissions to 777 planning to reverse that later). That did not help. I tried putting the stylesheet.css in the same directory with login.php and index.php ... that did not help. I eliminated the .htaccess file as I read that some others have done ... that did not help.


In login.php, the location of stylesheet.css is hard-coded as includes/stylesheet.css. From the directory in which login.php is located, that is the correct path. I even tried to hard-code the path with my full domain path, "http://mydomain/oscommerc/catalog/admin/includes/stylesheet.css" and that had no affect. HELP!


If you can help, please do. I am stymied with proceeding in admin until I get this simple (but frustrating) problem resolved.


Thanks in advance if you can help.


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Okay ... posting this was not very helpful ... no one responded. However, in the meantime, I did some investigating. In case someone is struggling with the same problem, I share what I have discovered after a lot of time spent and heartburn. Every post I saw where someone was having a similar problem, to try to help everyone wanted to jump on the syntax, the paths, configure.php, etc. I heard people, such as me, keep moaning, "I've done all that and still have the problem."


Where there were some problem areas, such as Stylesheet.css not being picked up, I tried to go to it directly in my browser ... and voila' ... I got an access denied error. This did not happen on my home PC, so it had me baffled ... it only happened when I ported everything to my hosting service (and it only happened on certain folders ... doing CHMOD had no affect).


What clued me in was that a page intervened from a service called IISPassword ...which obviously is a service used by Startlogic.com. What it does on a Windows server is determine if .htaccess exists in a folder ... if it does (EVEN IF ALL OF ITS CONTENTS ARE COMMENTED OUT!), it denies access. I removed the useless .htaccess (for my Windows server) from the folder and Stylesheet.css was seen, and all is cool.


In the many posts I have seen, some have complained about some of the buttons in the same manner. For example, the inludes/languages/english/images/buttons was not being accessed ... same problem ... .htaccess was restricting it on my Windows hosted service.


Hope this helps someone else ... I wasted a full three days on this issue.



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Ok, but what if you need the .htaccess? I have exact the same problem but I am on Apache - Linux. I spend a lot of time to bring it to work but no success so far. I did some test and copied the stylesheet.css "down the folder" and changed link in the files to <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"> and it works. Even if in this folder is also .htaccess file. Is that the server issue or ??? I do not have to much knowledge about .htaccess files.



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Worked fine for me. I deleted .htaccess from catalog/ catalog/includes catalog/admin and catalog/admin/includes and voila.. all problems with unaccessible images/css sheets gone for good. Thanks for posting. I do not know what works for apache but it could be the same issue just with another workaround



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