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The e-commerce.

Check out my new live store.


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your missing some images: http://www.saket.com/catalog/default.php/c.../cPath/299_302/


And personally I do not like the grey-marble-like backgrounds.

It is UNeasy on the eyes... :roll:




"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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Hey check out my new live store at www.saket.com and please leave me any suggestions you think can help.  Thanks


Hmmmn. I don't see the point of your splash page, as you are making your potential clients do an extra click for information that is fairly pointless (in my opinion)...


The inside pages are a bit boring...maybe a dash of colour here and there would help. Mind you the subject matter is not all that inspiring, eh ? ;)


Quick tip, in Admin, set the width of your small images to 0 (zero), this should make them the proper sizes...


I don't know - it's just a bit uninspiring. Sorry.

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Yeah Ill try some new color scemes to brighten things up a bit. I used the splash page for search engines because I heard somewhere that oscommerce wasn't good with them though I could be wrong. Thanks for all the input.

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