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Admin side: enter in a value, value goes into database


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So... I have hacked and modified my site a heap now. But I've never had to write anything from scratch - I've used some of the many wonderful contributions from the community. And now I'm after a suggestion of a contribution, or just some help with code...


My situation: I'm trying to create a printable receipt for the admin side, that lists the CC number (with the XX's in the middle), the expiry date, and the amount charged.


The expiry date and CC number are simple enough, they are stored in the database. The amount charged is a bit more complex: I don't want it to simply be the order total - too often the postage etc is different to what oscommerce chooses, so I want my staff to be able to enter a number, just before printing the receipt. Ultimately I am trying to add a field to the bottom of orders.php that is autopopulated with the order total, but can easily over-ridden and saved to the database. I've created the extra field in the orders table, but that's about as far as I've gotten.


So - can anyone point me in the right direction. I really don't know the code enough to do the writing, only to hack something I've already got, and I can't find any contributions/already existing code that does something similar.


Thanks for any suggestions :)

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Ok... so I have managed to hack the edit_orders contrib... But have one more problem.


When an order is completed, and the information is written to the database - when is the order total (ot_total) written to the table. When it is being written to the table, I want it to also be written to my new field in the ORDERS table, 'amount_charged'.


So... can anyone point out when exactly (what file?) does this information get written to the database? Thanks for any pointers :)

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