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passing on variables - help


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hi guys


i signed up with "a trusted shop scheme" and they asked to put the following code into the checkout_success.php which offers customers a money back guarantee:


<table width=400 border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4">


<td width="90">

<form name="formSiegel" method="post"

action="https://www.trustedshops.de/tshops/siegel.php3" target="_blank">

<input type="image" border="0" src="./img/siegel.gif"

alt="Trusted Shops Gütesiegel - Bitte hier klicken.">

<input name="shop_id" type="hidden"




<td align="justify">

<form id="formTShops" name="formTShops" method="post"



<input name=shop_id type=hidden


<input name="title" type=hidden value="[value title]">

<input name="email" type="hidden" value="[value email]">

<input name="first_name" type=hidden value="[value fname]">

<input name="last_name" type=hidden value="[value lname]">

<input name="street" type=hidden value="[value street]">

<input name="zip" type=hidden value="[value zip]">

<input name="city" type=hidden value="[value city]">

<input name="country" type=hidden value="[value country]">

<input name="phone" type=hidden value="[value phone]">

<input name="fax" type=hidden value="[value fax]">

<input name="delivery" type=hidden value="[value delivery]">

<input name="amount" type=hidden value="[value amount]">

<input name="curr" type=hidden value="[value curr]">

<input name="payment" type=hidden value="[value payment]">

<input name="kdnr" type="hidden" value="[value kdnr]">

<input name="ordernr" type="hidden" value="[value ordernr]">

<font size="2"


Als Trusted Shops Mitglied bieten wir Ihnen als

zusätzlichen Service die Geld-zurück-Garantie

der Gerling Versicherungsgruppe an. Wir übernehmen alle

Kosten dieser Garantie, Sie müssen sich lediglich


<input type="submit" id="btnProtect" name="btnProtect"

value="Anmeldung zur Geld-zurück-Garantie">








basically what happens is when the customer presses the submit button all their details are transfered to their page.


my question now is how can i get the values into the hidden fields.



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Generally speaking, the method is to print the variables wherever you need in the HTML code. Eg:


<input name="first_name" type=hidden value="<?php print $variable; ?>">


But checkout_success.php?


Anyway, most variables are not available anymore on this page, the order is sent. You'll have to get the info from the database. Use $_SESSION['customer_id'] to get the customer info and $_SESSION['last_order'] to get the order info.


You'll find examples of queries in about all files.

Christian Lescuyer

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