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I've set up two tax zones for CA and FL. I only want to tax those two states. Yet my fake accounts that "live" in Oregon are getting taxed, too. I found the following post in the archives that seemed to address exactly what I was hoping to fix:




...only he's using 2.1 and I'm using 2.2. I don't see any TAX_RATE in application_top.php in 2.2. So what's the equivalent solution with the new update?





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In application_top you can set the show tax to false, that way they will not be shown the tax until the checkout and there zone is established :P


I already tried this, but Jane Doe from Oregon is still being taxed, even though she's not from CA or FL. :? Any other ideas?

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Okay, I figured it out. You make a FL and CA tax zone and give it a percentage. Then you make a "Misc" or "Rest" zone and set it to 0.00. Now CA and FL get taxed, everywhere else gets charged $0.00. :)

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