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osCommerce - Should I .... YES!


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Hi all,


For the last 6 mths or so I've been using Mals eCommerce to run my site at www.freelollies.co.uk


We're now at the stage where we've "outgrown" the "add the basket code to each page individually, amend it by hand, keep adding & removing pages & links" system which we've been using.


I stumbled across osCommerce and it's perfect! (or at least I think it is, I've only just installed it for the first time and haven't played with it much yet)


It really appeals to my "why pay?" nature (as did Mals ecommerce originally)!


Before I start seriously building the new version of our site, does anyone have any suggestions (based on our current site) that will help the transition?



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Welcome to the osCommerce forum!


To get started and make your transistion easier, first, download and read the manual from http://www.oscdox.com. Second, explore the forums...99% of all problems have already been discussed. Third, get familiar with the program and the admin BEFORE you start making big changes. Forth, keep a clean backup of all your files in case you break something. Fifth, make your changes systematically, one step at a time and test, test, test before making other additions or changes. Last, have fun! OSC is a great program.

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