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Need modified offline payment module


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I have found shopping carts that require, for offline processing, going to the server to download CC info a real pain to use, especially when the # must be reasssmbled as with osC.


There was a shopping cart, now moribund, that for offline orders would email the complete CC#, but add some letters/numbers to it so the CC# would not be usable, and would not be recognizable in transit to sniffers as a CC#. One could then set up whatever database one was using to automatically strip out the extra digits before handing over the CC info to the authorization program, keeping everything largely automatic.


That always seemed like a pretty simple solution, and I would like do something similar in osCommerce (unless someone can convince me it has some serious flaw, or suggest a better way). It seems like it would require only slight modification of the offline payment module. Only thing is, I have no skills as a programmer, so I would like to find someone who might be able to do the modification for me, at a reasonable price.


Som other variations on this method came to mind - subtracting a fairly substantial number from the CC#, then adding it back on later. This would have the advantage of leaving no pattern in the modified CC# that could be recognized in the (unlikely) even that someone downloaded a whole bunch of you orders and started analyzing the numbers to find a pattern.

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