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The e-commerce.

Was told 2 delete customer 'root 1'


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Pay Pal Standard Module



If you are using the default Pay Pal Module that comes with

osCommerce and are wondering why the orders don't get added

to the database, the stock updated, and that no order

confirmation e-mails get sent out - this is the reason.


You are reliant upon the customer hitting the 'Continue'

button on the Pay Pal website at the end of their purchase,

which then returns them to your website, updates the database,

updates the stock quantity, empties their shopping cart,

and sends the order confirmation e-mails out.


There are two solutions:


1. Use the official osCommerce Pay Pal IPN. This is the

only IPN module which begins with 'osCommerce'. It is

also the only IPN module with a completely new and

free-standing set of files - meaning that you don't

have to edit any other files in order to install it.


2. Go to your Pay Pal account, go to Profile, and

sign up for their Auto-Return service - which returns the

customer to your website automatically after a delay of a

few seconds. The return url you must provide is something

like this (adjust as necessary for your website):





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