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Password protection for admin...


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I would relly like to know how i protect my index.php file in my adminfolder, because i don't want anybody to be able to enter it and change stuff..


I read something about a .htaccess file in the pdf i downloaded.. Could anybody explain to me how i use it and what to type in the file?


/Thx for any help

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An .htaccess file is a file that gets processed by Apache (webserver) BEFORE anything else. You can place several instructions inthere, authorization/access stuff but also how directory listings should look, which file should be considered the index etc etc.


The easiest will be to use a generator of which several are availalbe:




but there are many others too... this is just one that popped up and looked okay.

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We use Hacklog 1.1, an easy to install small script and very effective.


Hacklog protect your admin page with username/password.

If you try to hack the password 3 times, the script write your ip to a logfile and notify admin by e mail with all data of the hack.


After 3 times you can't login with this ip a definied time.


So we think its a great script. Try it




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