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STSv4.5.8 & Product Extra Fields (v2.0j) combination


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Is there anybody who managed to use the add-on Product Extra Fields (v2.0j) in combination with STSv4.5.8.

I am using OsCommerce version 2.2ms2.


First I installed STSv4.5.8 over a fresh OSC installation > everything ok

Second I installed Product Extra Fields and happened to work ok, but the extra fields are not visible on the shop-side (admin side works fine)


Tried to manage the problem by using the STSv4.5.2_and_PRODUCT_EXTRA_FIELD (21 augustus 2007 by njnj) but doesn't help.


Seems to me there is no up to date modification for combination like I mention above?


Somebody who uses the same configuration with succes?

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I am just doing this now myself, so far so good, what I did find is that STS and Extra fields do change some common files, so you need to be EXTRA careful to show this info. Confirm that you have done it carefully, and made sure that after you installed STS that you manually updated the files for Extra Fields.


First question, have you included the $pef$ tag in your product_info template?


Will help some more once I got mine up and going, as I have a "Table does not exist" problem........


See you round

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First question, have you included the $pef$ tag in your product_info template?


Hi there,


Yes, I have put in the tag $pef$. The strange thing is that there is no error message or somthing like that. It just doesn't show the info.

I have carefully made all the nessecary changes.


I have been working on this for two days now. Very frustrating. But I can't find any similar problems on the net...


See you.

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