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The e-commerce.

Download arrival


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I want to use OS Commerce for virtual goods (downloads) but can't get the downloads to work.


I'm using os 2.2 at www.funeral-poems.net/store on a linux server, and have set up a product called 'test' at a cost of $0.01, I've downloaded a file 'test.pdf' to my 'download' folder (set to 755)

My 'pub' folder is set to 777.


On the admin configure download page I've changed both 'enable download' and 'download by redirect' to 'true'


The product 'test' is listed in the 'Products Attributes' page with a filename of 'test' (Should this be 'test.pdf'?)


I've configured PayPal payment module with order status set to default.


The product has been purchased, and both the purchaser and myself have had emails confirming the purchase and (from PayPal) confirming payment.


None of the emails explain how the purchaser actually gets the 'test.pdf' file or where from.


Should the download arrive attached to an email, or should they receive an email with a link to the download.

At the moment neither happens.


Although I'm still designing the site, everything seems to work fine except purchased doesn't get info about how they get the file they've paid for.


I've read the 114 page pdf manual.


I've obviously missed something, but what?

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There are few configuration and condition issues that needs to be fulfilled for download to happen..

Your order (payment ) status should be above a certain level as set thru admin.

The download docs should be at the needed path.

expiry and number of downloads allowed are the other two options.




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