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admin price not = catalog price


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my admin price is not equal my catalogy price. it looks as if the admin input price (net price) is registered in as pounds and the catalogy is displaying as US $. Eg I type in net value of 2 and when it is completed (even in the admin section)_ comes out $3.91

I have it set via the admin localisation that US is my default.


Can some one tell me how do I get the the admin product addition section to take the price in US or to rather take it as I put and not increase it?



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I think I know what might be wrong.


Check the currency rates. If your using USD as your default, then the exchange rate should be 1.00000


I think you might have 1.9555 or similar in the rate box. 1.95 would be the rate from the British Pound to US Dollars.


Default currency should alway be set 1.00000

You will see in the module for USD$ some thing like this... $20 = $20 . If it says $20 = $39.10 then just change the rate to 1.0000



Hope this helps girl

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Thanks dropbop085,

Default rate is reading correct- phew no need to trouble that :). Turns out I when I added a country zone module it also added / activated some tax module which was turning up even though I had it as false in configuration. I deleted all those tax things and/put to 0% and I am now seeing the price I added.

ahhh now all I need to do is to get paypal to work lol

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