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The e-commerce.

REQ : calculator


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Im using oscommerce as well as one of my online stores.

i need some help from you .. please


im looking for some sort of php calculator.. as im getting wholesale prices from my suppliers and i want to add 15% to all the prices before entering them on gross amount of my site.. currently im using tax rate of oscommerce, which allow me to add 17.5% to the gross price. i need something similar...

so when ever im adding a new product.. i can just enter the wholesale price of the product on that php calculator and it calculates the percentage of it and add it back to the wholesale price..like:


A% of B = C

C + B = Result!


can u help me with this please?

i'll be really thankful to ya



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How are you getting the price from your supplier?


In a csv or excel file?


If so you could use excel to calculate your selling price.


You need to know how to use excel, how to enter formulas and how to "drag" these formulas down.

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no.. im getting the prices in printed sheets...


anyways.. i have seen one code for php which is a calculator.. but i need to modify it .. so after calculating the percentage.. it adds it to the cost and display it ...


here is the code:

			<td colspan="2"><table width="100%" border="3" cellpadding="15" cellspacing="0">
				  <td width="" valign="top" ><div align="center"><strong>Calculate Percent with this Percent Formula:
						<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
					<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">function findpercent(form) {
a = form.percentin.value/100;
b = a*form.numberused.value;
form.numberanswer.value = b;

					  <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function calculatepercent(form) {
a = form.numberin.value;
b = form.numberintwo.value;
c = a/b;
d = c*100;
form.answer.value = d;
					<form action="calculate-percent-with-percentage-calculator.php" name=form1>
					  <p align="center">
						<input name="percentin" type="text" class="regfont" size=6>
						% (Percent) of
						<input name="numberused" type="text" class="regfont" size=5>
					  <p align="center">

						<input type=button onClick="findpercent(this.form)" value="Calculate Percent">
					  <p align="center"> <strong>CALCULATION result: </strong>
						<input name="numberanswer" type="text" class="regfont"




can anyone tell me wht to alter so it adds the cost into calculated result???


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