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No order with PayPal


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I have a problem whith PayPal.

When an order is placed and the customer has used PayPal to pay for the items there is no order generated to me or the customer to advise that an order has been placed.

I have not been aware of this problem as PayPal has not been used until now.

This is annoying to me and my customers.

Appreciate any help.

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Stock paypal does not always complete the order.


Normal advice is to install Paypal IPN.

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I've been having this problem as well, and just came looking for a solution when I saw this post. We do know what's causing the problem - we've found that it's only when the buyer doesn't click "Return to Merchant" on the PayPal site --- the payment still gets sent, but the order stays in the shopping cart. Since it's a problem at PayPal's end primarily, we're not sure what to do other than put a message on our site telling buyers to be sure to click the "Return to Merchant" button (which isn't ideal, since it seems to "scare" some buyers off). We've also thought of changing the process so that buyers would submit their order and then we send a PayPal invoice once the order has been received (although that's not the most ideal set-up either).


Maybe someone else has a solution to the problem?

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You can enable "Auto Return" in your Pay Pal account, under your Profile - which will redirect people back to your site automatically after a few seconds. This will cut down on the number of people who don't return to your site, but won't eliminate the problem entirely. The page they need to come back to is checkout_process.php


The osCommerce Pay Pal IPN does at least save orders as "Preparing [Pay Pal IPN]" so that you do have a record of what people ordered if they don't return from the Pay Pal website.



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oscommerce,paypal and IPN:


Here is the explanation:


The stock oscommerce Paypal contribution has the logic whereby on success page it populates the data base.SO if a customer for some reason has not returned to Your site after payment then this wil happen.


Way out:

Install order holding contrib as it it will save order details.


Better option : Install Paypal IPN.

Paypal IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification.

A backend system where paypal connects to Your site and thru some socket programming communicates with paypa_ipn.php file.

here if everything is set ok then the order will be updated.


Hope this clarifies Your doubts.


There is no better option then using Paypal IPN.



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