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Move index.php from folder to Root


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At this moment I have our shop at http://www.mydomain.com/shop. I would like to keep it there, but is there a way to move only the file index.php to the root (http://www.mydomain.com) and still have a working shop.

I read it is possible to move the entire catalog, but that is not what I want. That would create folders like admin and includes in the root and I have other progs installed that use folders with the same name. Things would become confusing then.

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I'm sure you could edit the configuration.php files respectively. However, your not going to be too Google friendly with that approach and if you ever decide to use SEO URLs, ect won't work. Google does not like switching directories when attempting to crawl. Could have impact on your sales one day... something to consider. Personally I would examine the other programs you use that have the same folder names... if less complicated and less dependant on so many other files (like OSc is) then I would see about altering the code in those programs and changing their configuration to match the renamed directories. OSc is very dependant on files within includes classes and the like and keep in mind most contributions are too. Your setting yourself up for a lot of future work if you ask me. Just my opinion. However, most referneces to directory locations are in the two configuration.php files. Good luck.

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