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The e-commerce.

I need some help getting started.....


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I've been looking at osCommerce for quite some time now, and I have tried a couple of different times to set my site up with their catalog. I will be honest by saying I have no experience with programming or anything, I just know html stuff.


I just need some help setting up the databases and some other things, and someone to help me if and when I have questions. I don't need any graphics or any appearance help, just setting up osCommerce's catalog and admin catalog.


Please drop me an email if you're willing to help me out. Send me a PM or an email at: matt@mroyalty.net



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I was the same way, so I will be happy to help.


You need to download "phpMyAdmin" and upload it on your web hosting area. This will make things a lot easier with the database stuff.


Let me know if you gotten this far.

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Okay, I finally got to step 2, but now I don't know how to change the permission levels.


If you are using a graphical FTP client, then there should be a menu option for that. I don't know myself how to do it from a command prompt.



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When I open up my catalog, I have these warnings on the top of my browser, how do I change them?




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How should I change all of the text and images? I don't want to start screwing with the code if there is an easier way. Also, how come none of the names are coming up, instead they are coming up; TEXT_GREETING_GUEST, BOX_HEADING_CATEGORIES, HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG, HEADER_TITLE_TOP, etc. Did I do something wrong when setting up, or did I not do something?


Thanks for all the help so far.....

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