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Warning notice


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Hello I am installing a webstore after editing all settings in the account to make the store running well. But when I go to the url I get a warning notice and I am not sure what the problem is, or how I should fix it.


warning require(includes/languages/.php [function.require] failed to open stream: no such file or directory.


Can anyone tell me what this problem is and how to fix it?.

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Without knowing more I would say your cart is not picking up the default language of your browser.


That line should read...




of course your-language refers to what ever is set as your default language or what ever language the brower is using.


Make sure you have a default language set in admin.

Check your error log you may have issues elsewhere that is interrupting the language process.


My thinking on the issue is there will be an issue at or before the lines in application_top around line stock 264 where it starts looking for and setting up the language files to be used. Search application_top for language. You'll find it.


Also double check and be certain your lang files are loaded. The problem you say, although, does not indicated missing files but rather a missing language define.


Good Luck.

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It's pretty certain that the install did not write all the data to the configure.php files and that's why it can't find the language files.


It's either that or folder permissions are not set correctly (755 for folders).



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