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1)Basically I want to have subcategories for each menu item which I know how to do. I would also like a subcategory to be an All option which contains all the other subcategories, how can this be achieved withought have to manually add all the other sub cats?


2)Where the products are listed as standard, image, name, desc, buy - I would also like to add a mini description of the main description is this possible?


3)When clicking an item you get taken to the description of the product and one image. Is there any way to have multiple images here?


4)I was about to add a basic html top navigation menu with the same list items as the side menu - is there a contribution for this that links the side menu to teh top menu?


5)When adding products through the admin section I am looking to add additional product attributes and not options. So Type, alcohol level and etc are the type of products specs I would like to add but there does not seem to be a way to.


6)In the information box I would like to add a link which I know how to but would also like to create a page - any idea?


7)I have change the colour of the box headings but then realised I was left with a littel grey box to the left of each - I take it that I have to create a new gif of the required colour to solve this?


8)At the top of each product section I currently have "What have we here", where do I change this text?


9)On the main catalogue page I was hoping to stip intro text and replace with some images, is there any contribution that can be used that picks a random product from each section to display here?


10)I have come accross HTTP_GET_VARS in some files and could not find any useful information on the use of this even from the latest PHP O'rielly book. Can someone please explain this to me?


11)It appear that all variable defined like those in english php are made globally available to all scripts or is there actually a script that loads these somewhere?


12)I am hoping to purchase the SSL THAWTE certificate - how have those of you who have used this found it?


13)Is the Oscommerce forum using the main website username and password or will the user have to create a seperate one?


Many Thanks

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