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Netscape 4.7 Compatibility


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netscape 4.7?? dang thats like getting back as old as IE 3.0


why would you still be running a browser that old?

I had to make the current site work for 4.7 because it accounted for 16% of the traffic.



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Netscape 4.7 doesn't like anything stylish... stylesheets get parsed in a bad way, nested tables have problems, bgcolor / background images in <TD> tags are a disaster, missing html tags that are now common, problems with JavaScript.... 4.7 is terrible.


Reini Urban (once _very_ active in TEP times, where did he go?) made a module that actually replaced all the stylesheet elements for proper html tags. It will be incompatible with the current osC versions but it should be adaptable. Search the locked 'old' forums for Urban and you'll find his site with TEP add-ons.


My site looks perfect netscape 4.7 same as IE.


Yeah, after a bottle of Johnny Walker mine looks the same in Lynx too :D

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